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Related Information

  • Data used to generate heat related vulnerability index and emergency health outcomes are collected at postal area level. 
  • Vulnerability Index was a composite index of three risk categories: demographic, environmental and health. The demographic variables included information about the distribution of high-risk age groups, the numbers of aged care facilities, socioeconomic status, older persons living alone, and the prevalence of ethnic groups. The environmental variables included information about dwelling type, population density per square kilometre, land cover, and a measure of the urban heat island. The health variables included were the proportion of residents with a disability and accessibility to emergency services. 
  • Emergency health outcomes were obtained from State Ambulance Services and State Health Departments. They were selected depending on data availability: 1) emergency ambulance callouts, 2) emergency department (ED) presentations and corresponding triage category, and 3) emergency hospital admissions. Emergency ambulance data included all callouts other than those for patient transfers. Emergency hospital admissions included all admissions other than those for elective procedures.